The Pursuit of Perfection

I sometimes describe ThatCon as “ambitious”, by which I mean that we’re constantly trying to do better, bigger, and more exciting than we’ve done before.  One-upping our own past performance is part of the fun.   Of course there’s a downside to this.

There’s a time in the convention timeline when we have to just execute what we’ve already committed to and not subject people to more shifts and adjustments in their plans.  No matter how awesome a new idea is,  its cost in terms of stress and potential communications problems  gets magnified as we get closer to the event.  I’m noticing that different people have different thresholds for when that moment has arrived.  For me, it was about two weeks ago. For Mr. Enthusiastic (not his real name, of course), it’s possible that moment wont be here until we’re sweeping up at the end.

ThatCon will be live in less than a week.   Right now, the pursuit of perfection is causing frayed tempers and tired staff.  It’s true that every detail we get right now can save us a significant amount of time not fixing problems at runtime.  But no NEW details, please!