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It seems that everything I’m doing these days is making me think about complex systems and how to make them better.

$DayJob is managing a team that’s testing a complex software system.  That’s two at least, not even counting the systems of the larger organization we are part of.

The fun and non-profit part of my day is often spent as one of the people organizing a large volunteer-run convention.  ThatCon is a complex beast itself, with thousands of attendees and all the services and entertainments they require.  For our next convention,  a little over a year from when I am writing these words, I have the terrifying honor to chair the event.  Complex systems again.  How do we recruit more volunteers, decide how to spend our money, talk to each other more effectively?

And there’s one more complex system, my own self.  What’s going on inside that brain of mine?  Of all the systems we try to influence, sometimes it seems the hardest one to change is ourselves.

I’ve used the phrase “voluntary complexity” to describe my life for years  — parent, partner, worker, daughter, volunteer, community member, sister,  spouse, and all.  All at once, with no pause button or rewind switch, and sometimes no volume control either.    Personal blogging has taken a back seat.  But this is a reflective time for me, despite the busy-ness.  I hope I have some insights to share by the end.


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