Communicating about Communicating

I am wishing we could add to our “HI My Name is:” labels, some critical additional information.

“Hi, my name is Rachel, I read my email about a dozen times a day on an ordinary day, but sometimes more and sometimes much less.  I try to answer anything to me in about 48 hours, at least for the first pass.  But I get a lot of mail that is FYI and some pieces of mail that need a lot of thought and consideration.  If you haven’t gotten a response from me that you need in a week, I may have miscategorized your mail.   Please resend the email, and be specific about what question you’re asking.   That phone number you have for me is my cell phone, it’s always in my pocket, and almost always on, please don’t call after 11 pm unless it’s an emergency. Texts are fine. ”

If I had this information for everyone on the convention staff (hello my name is E who answers email between 1 am and 3 am reliably and can’t really be reached any other time of day, and isn’t reachable at all on Shabbat or Jewish holidays … for example) I’m sure it would help a lot.  No, I mean, if we ALL had this information about each other, as easily available as a name on a name tag.  That would  really help.