Resources for Convention Harassment Policies

I’m just about to moderate the Wiscon panel on Convention Harassment Policies, and there’s a few links I know I’ll be mentioning to the attendees.

So here’s the link to all of them at once.

Con Anti Harassment policies:
The battle plan for creating your own and links to the con policy database for many examples

Back Up Project:
The Back Up Project fills a different niche than a con harassment policy and is no substitute for having one, but it has had an effect on the conversation and should be taken into account

Ada Initiative:
In the technical community similar challenges and issues arise, lots of good resources here.

Geek Feminist Wiki:
Many stories and viewpoints available here. Includes both fannish and technical communities here.

Arisia Code of Conduct:
This is the latest version of what we actually have done. As of this writing, May 2014, needs to be updated to reflect our recent updates to corporate policies.

Readercon Safety page:
Readercon took a from-scratch look in 2012 and came up with another approach.

Wiscon Rules:
The Wiscon policies, latest version.